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Event Consultants, LLC provides a wide range of services for our clients and we offer these items a la carte – some of our clients need assistance with one or two areas within meeting planning, whereas others may need help from start to finish. Here are some of the most requested and utilized services – and if you don’t see it listed here – just ask! We’ll help - we’re here to be of service. 


The most frequently requested service, and one that is provided complimentary, is hotel and venue sourcing. We spend time with our clients to talk about the program or event and we uncover the most important details through this conversation no matter how small. What is the vision of the event? Where has it been held before – and what worked, and what didn’t? We want to find the very best fit for your event – whatever city, country or location around the world. It’s all about what will work to accommodate all aspects of the program. Along the way, we will share our ideas, expertise and advice, based on our experiences, to ensure that no detail is spared. 

We take all of this information and build a Request for Proposal (RFP) which includes all of the event specifications, outlined in a highly detailed manner, and then send off to a wide range of locations which will suit your event and your vision. We compile the data into an easy to read and detailed proposal. We include everything – from pricing to photos, website links and more. This comprehensive proposal helps to focus on your options and create a short list of places that fit within the vision of your event. Then, if desired, we can set up a site inspection for you so that you can see the properties in person and make a decision based on varying factors. 

We then move into contract negotiation phase with the selected property to work on details such as enhancing concessions, minimizing attrition, reducing food and beverage minimums, and requesting protective clauses for YOU within the contract. 

Once you have signed on with the property, we are there with you along the way to assist as needed – expanding the room block, addressing any issues or additions, and more. Most other sourcing companies walk away after the contract is signed, or charge a fee to remain involved. We don’t. We will always be here for you – and with more than five million dollars in room revenue booked worldwide annually, we share our buying power and relationships with you. Our global and national reps will work diligently to ensure that you are satisfied with the service and the product. 

We are certified and licensed with IATAN, which is a global certification required by many hotels and venues. We are a qualified, licensed company and have a strong history within the industry and we carry appropriate insurance coverage. Let us be your guide. 


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